Fujitsu Batteries
Powerful Energy

Alkaline Batteries

Carbon Zinc Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries

Special Batteries (Lithium)

Choose the best energy for every device

From digital cameras to toys to remote controls
to everything in between, the new Fujitsu alkaline
batteries provide the best performance to power
all the devices you use every day.
Use the easy to understand symbols to help you
choose the right battery for your device.

Reuse! High tech green choice batteries made in Japan.

They are the environmentally friendly, economical choice.
They are the high quality, high power batteries that can be
reused and recharged up to 2000 times.
They are the Fujitsu rechargeable batteries.

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IQ Distributions is the official and authorised distributor of Fujitsu Batteries in Sub Saharan Africa which includes Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana amongst the rest of the countries in the region.

Fujitsu is the world’s largest manufacturer of Ni-MH Batteries. FDK is the only Japanese manufacturer that both designs and operates fully automatic production lines for batteries.

FDK’s Alkaline Batteries are futures in the world’s top performers, and not only the batteries but also its manufacturing facilities have been duly acknowledged for their high quality standards across the globe.

Fujitsu, one of the world’s leading IT equipment and services brands, has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality batteries. We stock a wide range of Fujitsu batteries to suit a variety of devices and we sell them at affordable prices too.


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