Yes you can. Before you add a product to your cart, you can select the option to either Pay in Full or Pay a 50% deposit per item. The default selection is Pay in Full, so to make part payment simply click on Pay Deposit option before adding the product to your cart and checkout. After the partial payment is confirmed, the products will be shipped. NOTE: Full payment must be made before products can be collected at your selected Pick Up location.
There are two payment options.
  1. Online payment using your credit or debit card.
  2. Bank transfer.
Choose your preferred payment method during checkout, Once payment is confirmed, your products will be made available for shipping.
Yes there is. Each product has a minimum quantity of packs that can be ordered, the minimum quantity is set by default. A box of the product contains the minimum quantity per pack. So if an item has a minimum quantity of 40 (which is equivalent to a box of that item), a reseller can buy 40 packs, 80 packs, 120 packs. You can use the + and - buttons to increase or reduce the number of packs you want to order.
To become a reseller, you will to apply for a reseller account HERE. You can apply for a business or personal account. To apply, complete the form feilds , upload the required documents and submit your application. Our team will review you application, and will contact you on the status of your application.